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Creating a Relaxing Space in Your Home

With the new orders to stay home due to the COVID-19 crisis, it is important to have a relaxing space in your own home where you can decompress from your stressful day. Designate a specific place in your home and take a few times a day to go to the space to calm your nerves or exercise some “me-time.”

To create that relaxing space, here are some simple tips for that special space in your home:

Tip #1| Declutter Take some time to tackle that messy area that may be bogging you down. You’ll feel the tension release once you’re done, not to mention you will be able to find your belongings faster.

Tip #2| Scents Our sense of smell has the extraordinary power to bring back memories, so filling your space with candles or an essential diffuser of a familiar smell you have a positive association with can instantly calm any nerves. There are also some smells that tend to naturally have a calming effect on us, such as lavender, rosemary, lemon, and vanilla.

Tip #3| Memories Putting up pictures or objects that have sentimental value in your space is a great way to add some comfort. These objects will not only add some character to your space, but also pleasant memory associations.

Tip #4| Color Some prefer a minimalistic look, with neutral colors to calm them down, while others may prefer bright pops of color and patterns. It all depends on you. Think of what colors you enjoy and bring you peace when you look at them, and try to incorporate them into your space.

Tip #5| Plants Not only do plants give a calming feel to a space, they also eliminate toxins and reoxygenate your home. Worried you won’t have time to care for a real plant? Find some realistic looking fake plants and let them take care of themselves.

Tip #6| Natural Lighting Time to switch off the artificial light! A naturally lit room not only creates an overall tranquil atmosphere, but also boosts productivity and improves mood. For those with little to no windows, try incorporating reflective surfaces into the space. The reflective objects will give the illusion of more light.

Tip #7| Sound What is more comforting than your favorite music? Play some of your favorite songs, or put on some naturally calming sounds, such as ocean waves or a stream. If you are lucky enough to live in a more rural area, opening a nearby window to hear birds chirping would work great as well.

By changing your space to incorporate calming features for all your senses, you will have a space to “escape” from the stress and anxiety that you may be naturally experiencing in this time.


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